How do you want to spend your days on the Mediterranean? If you fancy getting active, the water sports offered by Surfers Castellón are just what you’re looking for.



The turquoise seas and soft sands of the Mediterranean are just waiting to be experienced. If it was up to you - which it is - how would you like to spend your time here? While lazing about on the beach is certainly a wonderful way to pass the hours, it is not the only option for exploring the seascape. 

Based in Castelló de la Plana, Surfers Castellón is a water sport school that has plenty of options for getting you out on the water. From surfing and paddle surfing to surfskate, windsurfing, jet skis and more, you won’t be short on choice. 

El Pinar beach is the perfect backdrop to perfecting your technique or trying out something new. The school’s instructors will be on hand to show you how to do your activity of choice, keep safe in the water and, of course, have a great time

There is a class for every mood at Surfers Castellón, from slowly paddling along the tranquil seas on your SUP board to riding the waves of the Mediterranean on your surfboard. If you’re in the mood for some adrenaline, you can always hire a jet ski or do some windsurfing which will whisk you across the waters at speed. Alternatively, if you fancy something a little more relaxed, you can hop into a kayak and paddle through the waters at sunset. There is also a kids’ summer school where your little ones can spend long days getting active in the water. 

Don’t miss out on a class with Surfers Castellón during your time in the city. The very best way to live the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Surfers Castellón

  • Carrer Astrónomo Frances Aragó S/N Playa del Pinar Grao Castellón
  • +34 627 03 70 62
  • +34 655 48 80 61​​ ​

Castelló de la Plana is brimming with history, tradition, culture, beaches and cuisine. Come and explore the capital of the province of Castellón to wander around the historic centre, visit the port area, see the fishermen at work in El Grao. And, of course, spend time at the beautiful beaches.

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