Spend a fun-filled day with your family, surrounded by some of the world’s most surprising and exotic animals. You don’t want to miss this!



Family escapes are always an adventure, and they’re a great way to make unforgettable travel memories together. If you and your family visit the Region of Valencia, we promise that you’ll have exciting, surprising days like no other. Looking for a new kind of plan for your family? Come visit Terra Natura Zoo!

Terra Natura Zoo perfectly combines nature, animals, education and fun. When you go here, you’ll get to see a slew of animals from all over the world in a quiet, enjoyable environment. 

Located in Benidorm, Terra Natura’s many habitats will mentally transport you to exotic destinations all over the world. Discover the fascinating creatures of Pangea, enjoy the beauty of ocelots and jaguars from America, be amazed by the variety of animals from Europe and see elephants, rhinos and Bengal tigers from Asia up close.

Whenever you visit, you’ll be led by specialized guides who will explain the history of this unique zoo and give you fun facts about the animals on property. Making it extra special, this one-of-a-kind zoo makes safeguarding endangered animal species a priority. For that reason, it’s part of multiple international conservation programs that exist to prevent the extinction of precious animals like ocelots, jaguars, Sumatran tigers, Asian lions, Indian rhinoceroses, Indian gaurs, Barasingha deer, Asian dholes and more.

Terra Natura Benidorm also puts a special emphasis on children’s education so that younger generations can learn about and appreciate the importance of respecting and caring for our planet's biological diversity and ecosystems. To do this, the zoo constantly organizes school visits so students can meet with the Animals and Education Team, a group that uses fun, interactive experiences to raise awareness about different animals.

Visit Terra Natura Benidorm, and you, too, can have some unforgettable family fun. See you there!

Terra Natura Benidorm

Benidorm is filled with landscapes that are as different as they are beautiful. Stretching from the sea to the mountains, this destination embodies the essence of the Mediterranean—and its delicious food and wine speak to the traditions of the Region of Valencia. Benidorm is truly a sensory destination.

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