Visit Albufera will take you on an exploration of the coastal lagoon

Just outside València sits Albufera natural park, a wetland defined by a large lake and beautiful rice fields. Take a boat excursion or cycle ride with Visit Albufera to explore this distinctive landscape.


Lying to the south of València is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Albufera natural park is one of the most important wetlands in the Region of Valencia, and even Spain. Populated with distinctive plant and wildlife, the landscape here fuses rice fields, dunes, a coastal lagoon and wild beaches, and is an absolute joy to explore.  

If you are keen to visit the natural park, Visit Albufera is just what you’re looking for. The company runs a number of boat excursions that will immerse you in the unique and unforgettable scenery of the wetlands

You will climb aboard a traditional boat and make your way slowly across the waters of the lake. As the beautiful landscape envelops you, your guide will tell you all sorts of interesting facts about the natural park. 

There are a total of three tours to choose from. The first is Embarcadero Pomero, which starts on the final section of El Saler canal, the rice fields of Tancat del Pomero, and then continues through the lake, ending up at Mata del Fang wildlife reserve. Port del Saler, on the other hand, will take you through the rice fields, the lake and Gola de Pujol canal through the series of locks. Port del Saler extra follows the same route as the latter with the addition of an exploration of the wildlife reserve. 

The sunset boat rides will treat you to the most magical moment of the day in Albufera. You will travel through the rice fields and then make your way to the centre of the lake, just before the sun starts to set. A spectacle of colour will flood the sky as you breathe in the tranquillity of the lagoon and raise your glass of cava in a toast. You will be captivated by what you see. 

Alternatively, if you want to discover the natural park by yourself you can hire bikes from Visit Albufera. The company will give you all the information and documentation you will need to pedal along the best routes, immersing yourself in La Devesa woodland, gazing at the azure seas and enjoying views over Albufera lake. You could even cycle around the whole of the lake through the rice fields. 

If you fancy a boat excursion and a cycle ride, you can combine them both. Either doing one activity in the morning and the other in the afternoon, or doing them back-to-back in the morning or the afternoon, how and when you explore Albufera is entirely up to you.   

Visit Albufera

València is much more than a city. It is also home to natural treasures such as Albufera natural park, a coastal lagoon that is surrounded by the rice fields whose cultivation is used to make paella. Come along to be amazed by the enchantment of the capital of the region.

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