Get your binoculars ready for an incredible day of birding at Albufera, a natural park where you can see a wide range of bird species all year round.


Visit Natura specialises in bespoke birding and photography trips in Albufera natural park, just a stone’s throw from València. The team knows this lake area like the back of their hand and are experts in the birds you can see here. 

Albufera is an incredible destination for birders. Depending on the time of the year, you can see resident birds as well as passage migrants who stop off at the lake for a couple of weeks to enjoy the scenery. 

With Visit Natura, you can take a photography day trip to Albufera. Snuggling into hides, you will be in the best position to take incredible shots of birds who are unaware of your presence. If you’d prefer to focus on birding, the team will take you to the best spots where you can peacefully watch the birds go about their daily business. You will see species including glossy ibis, flamingoes, collared pratincole, purple heron, elegant tern and Audouin’s gull, plus a wide range of waders and raptors such as the booted eagle, osprey and peregrine falcon.

Visit Natura also offers you the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a paella in the area surrounding the natural park, which is the birthplace of the dish. If you fancy travelling a bit further afield, the company also runs experiences in other parts of the province of Valencia where you will be blown away by the birds and the monuments that emanate culture and history. 

Discover a new way to be at one with mother nature. Visit Natura guarantees an incredible day out that is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Soak up knowledge from your expert guide, breathe in spectacular landscapes and enjoy the local birdlife on your bespoke trip. Start planning today. 

Visit Natura

València is a city that is inextricably linked to its past, its traditions, its gastronomy and Albufera natural park. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this spectacular coastal lagoon and live all the experiences it has to offer.

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