The first landscape hotel in Spain, Vivood Landscape Hotel sits in the midst of the mountainscape so you can find a deep connection with nature.

The inland areas of the Region of Valencia offer some stunning places of natural beauty. Places that envelop you in the moment where you’ll find yourself succumbing to a slower beat of life in tune with the surroundings. Benimantell is the perfect place to connect with the wilderness and Vivood Landscape Hotel the perfect place to feel at one with the environment

Vivood Landscape Hotel is the first landscape hotel in Spain, a new concept revolving around the values of sustainability, respect and fusion with the surroundings. Here you will become part of the landscape and connect to nature like never before. 

This is a totally different experience of travel. Seamlessly blending the outdoors with the indoors, the accommodation immerses you in the natural world while offering all the comforts and indulgences of a luxury hotel. Affording views over the Guadalest Valley, minimalist suites come complete with private hydromassage tubs and a beautiful panoramic outlook to gaze at 24 hours a day. 

The ten villas are exclusive havens of relaxation, beautiful spaces where you can detach from the hustle and bustle of modern life and revel in the unique experience of reconnecting with nature. Each of the villas boast the most luxuriant bedrooms in the hotel as well as private heated pools immersed in the naturescape. Vivood Landscape Hotel is an experience in its own right. 

Guests’ wellness and sustainability are the hotel’s raison d’être and a fundamental part of the hotel’s philosophy, based on the five Es, namely environment, enchantment, emotion, exclusivity and eco-friendly. Values that underpin all its services so guests can live a truly unique and innovative experience. 

It is hard to explain just how special a stay at Vivood is in words; so go on, treat yourself to an experience in the wilderness like no other.

Vivood Landscape Hotel

  • Carretera, Ctra. d'Alcoi, 10
  • +34 96 631 85 85

Sitting in the beautiful Guadalest Valley, Benimantell is a small and welcoming village in inland Alicante where nature and traditions reign. Spend time here wandering the narrow streets, chatting with locals and discovering the beauty of the Marina Baixa.

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