Xàbia Activa will take you on an adventure in Jávea

This Mediterranean seaside town is simply crying out to be explored. And what better way than with some adventure sports in the midst of nature?

Jávea is a little slice of paradise on the Mediterranean. A destination that you can explore in a thousand different ways: through its gastronomy, beaches, culture and people, for instance. But also through adventure. Xàbia Activa is an active tourism company that will make you see the town from a whole new perspective, immersing you in the depths of nature as you take on the most thrilling and exciting of activities

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re going to love the selection of activities Xàbia Activa offers for you and your friends and family. An example of this is canyoning. Accompanied by expert instructors, you will explore some of the most impressive gorges in the local area, such as Estret de les Penyes, Barranco Abdet and Barranco de Anna

There are also breathtakingly beautiful family-friendly hiking routes on offer, leading you to pristine coves with crystalline waters through the most stunning natural landscapes. Xàbia Activa will take you Cabo de San Antonio, Cuevas Santas, El Montgó and Poblados Íberos, among other destinations. 

If you love water sports, there is also something for you. The kayak tours will take you across the waters to some of the most inaccessible and wild coves on the Costa Blanca. Shown the way by your instructor, you will paddle alongside sheer and rugged cliffs, dipping your kayak into the most mesmerising of caves along the way. Make sure you don’t forget your snorkelling goggles so you can take a peek at the marvels living under the sea. A true spectacle of nature. 

And that’s not all. If you want to get up close to the coastline, you can try your hand at coasteering. An exciting activity that consists of exploring the rocky coastline, swimming in the water, climbing up the cliffs and jumping into the sea

There are all sorts of different ways to explore Jávea. And the more you try, the more you will end up falling in love with the destination. 

Xàbia Activa


Jávea is nestled between capes Nao and San Antonio and is a stunning choice for a beachside holiday with incredible weather guaranteed.  The destination is divided into three areas: the town, the port and the beach. Come here to wander around the historic centre, dine on some delicious cuisine, roam the paradise beaches and simply live the Mediterranean lifestyle. 

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