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The Region of Valencia is a destination that inspires. A place where you will immediately feel at home and that you will find difficult to leave behind. A haven that you will come back to time and time again. Ademuz is one of these places: an inland municipality where you can feel tradition, history and culture emanating from the streets. 

Comprising the small villages of Sesga, Mas del Olmo and Val de la Sabina, the municipality of Ademuz sits on the borders of the Region of Valencia, Castilla La Mancha and Aragón, conferring it with the unique characteristics of all three. 

What to do in Ademuz

Sitting on the banks of the river Turia, Ebrón and Bohílgues, considered the most pristine river in the Region of Valencia, Ademuz flaunts spectacular landscapes combining the mountains, the huerta and inland countryside. 

The municipality offers a network of different trails that will immerse you in the midst of the municipality’s beautiful naturescape. Pico Castro will treat you to stunning views overlooking the whole county, while its renowned buildings made from dry stone walling (listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage) are an opportunity to take a step back in time. 

One of the symbols of the municipality is the esperiega apple, a variety native to Ademuz that is defined by its hard flesh, large size and unique sweetness. The climate in Ademuz enables the esperiega apple to develop a delicious taste. 

After biting into the fruit, you can take a stroll through the municipality to discover its beautiful historic centre, San Pedro y San Pablo parish church and Virgen de la Huerta chapel, which dates back to the 13th century and showcases the Valencian artistry. 

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