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Rincón de Ademuz has got so much to see and explore that your getaway will inspire you to come back time and time again.

Located in inland province of Valencia, Rincón de Ademuz is a joy to be explored with its beautiful natural landscapes, hiking trails and great monuments that hark back to the past. This, paired with traditional houses and stone constructions, paints a pretty picture.

The beautiful villages comprising Rincón de Ademuz are Ademuz, Casas Altas, Casas Bajas, Castielfabib, La Puebla de San Miguel, Torrebaja and Vallanca. You’ll be blown away by the number of things to see and do in them.

In Ademuz, you can’t miss the landscape defined by barracas, dry stone constructions that have been listed World Heritage, and the tasty apples. Casas Altas is a peaceful village whose scenery is calling out to be explored while Casas Bajas is the perfect place to go rafting in the river Turia. Castielfabib is a pretty stone village where you can set off on an exploration of Muela de los Tres Reinos and the castle ruins, not to mention the riverscapes and the quaint streets of the village itself. In La Puebla de San Miguel you absolutely have to visit one of the highlights of Rincón de Ademuz: La Puebla de San Miguel natural park where you can walk amid juniper trees in Las Blancas microreserve. And lastly, you won’t want to miss the apple orchards in Torrebaja, the tiny hamlet of Torrealta and Vallanca, a place full of enchanting areas and fascinating trails. Come and explore all the treasures of Rincón de Ademuz.

From Casas Bajas to Cuesta del Rato, visiting Casas Altas, Ademuz, Puebla de San Miguel, Torrebaja, Vallanca and Castielfabib.