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Discover a tradition that is part of Albaida’s, and the world’s, cultural heritage.

Spanish manual bell ringing was listed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in late 2022: a great recognition for the tradition that has survived the passing of time in many destinations. One of the places where the practice is most keenly kept alive is Albaida, which pushed for the UNESCO application to be made.

Albaida is the only municipality in the Region of Valencia with an uninterrupted 800-year-old tradition of manual bell ringing. It is calculated that, every year, 3,200 chimes, turns and half turns are made. The bells are rung in Nuestra Señora de la Asunción parish church bell tower. There are a total of ten bells, which were restored in 2003 and are in perfect condition. In the same year, Albaida laid out a number of rules stipulating the various bell ringing techniques and when they are to be used throughout the year, in line with the liturgical calendar.

Albaida Bell Ringers Association keeps this intangible heritage alive and runs guided tours so that visitors can see the spectacular process of manual bell ringing up close. This is something that you simply have to see – and hear – in Albaida.