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Discover an ecomuseum that houses all the wisdom of Aras de los Olmos.

CM Ecomuseo Aras de los Olmos, Aras de los Olmos Ecomuseum, wants to give visitors to the municipality the opportunity to get to know the traditions and cultures of the county of Los Serranos. The museum has a number of sites, making it an excellent way to get to know the municipality and its surroundings.

The main site of Aras de los Olmos Ecomuseum is housed in Casa del Cortijo, where you will also find the tourist information centre. Other sites are located at Almazara de Cera, El Cortijo Tower and Patio, the archaeological collection and educational centre, the ethnobotanic garden, the old cemetery and the village itself, which is an al fresco museum. As you wander the streets, you will come across walled kitchen gardens, Casa de la Parra, the washhouse of the Grande Fountain and Casa del Balcón de la Esquina, among other sights.

So what will you find at the museum collection? You will discover everything there is to know about the wax industry, which was of great importance in times past, as well as take a look at archaeological remains and an old community oven. Aras de los Olmos Ecomuseum also puts on temporary exhibitions that are always well worth discovering. Come and take a look around.