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Come and explore a destination whose port provides access to a beautiful ecosystem teeming with life. Discover everything Catarroja has to offer.

Located in the province of Valencia, Catarroja rubs shoulders with Albufera natural park. It is, therefore, an unmissable destination if you love spending time in the great outdoors, gazing at beautiful scenery and perhaps even doing some birding. Keep reading to discover all the reasons why you should visit the town. 

What to see in Catarroja

Embraced by wetlands, agricultural land and rice fields, Catarroja port is a highlight of the destination. This freshwater port provides access to the waters of the vast lake in Albufera natural park. 

Catarroja port is one of the main access points to the lake. Historically, a network of canals linked the different towns situated around the lake. It is a lovely place to take a walk and take some photos

From the port, you can see Vela Latina - traditional boats that date all the way back to the 2nd century BC - set sail on the waters. Alternatively, you could get your binoculars out to do some birding. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of birds that populate the area. However you spend your time here, you’re going to love it. 

In the centre of the town, make sure you stop off to take a look at 18th century Casa Palacio de Vivanco and the stone bridge. Another point of interest is the Roman villa which was discovered in the north-east of the town, providing evidence that it was inhabited a long time ago. In Las Barracas district, you should pop your head into 17th century San Miguel church and browse the stalls of the town market. 

Catarroja is also an exceptional destination for lovers of golf and traditional cuisine. Both of which are great excuses to start planning a visit. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore, and find yourself falling in love with the beautiful scenery. 


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