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Santa Cruz chapel is an historic site sitting in the heart of Chelva’s old town.

Santa Cruz chapel is located in Chelva's Mudejar-Moorish Arrabal district. Formerly Mezquita de Benaeça, a mosque, the structure you can see today is the original 14th century building. Of the two mosques located in the Region of Valencia, this is the most historic. It was turned into a chapel in the 16th century by adding a small altar and a bell wall with bell.

After the Spanish Civil War, the chapel was abandoned. The locals stopped worshipping here and it fell further and further into a state of ruin. In the early 21st century, however, the locals set about restoring the chapel and turning it into a place to host cultural events and activities.

The wide façade is defined by a triangular pediment and a porch supported by two stone columns and topped with tiles. To enter, you will step through a semi-circular arch and into a generous and light-filled space.

The square plan is divided into three equally sized areas with arches. At the far end of the chapel, there is a small space facing Mecca, which was a key area when it was a mosque. The chapel is also the subject of an old tradition: it is said that when you pray a novena while touching the door, you will be healed of all your illnesses.

Chelva is an historic place that will whisk you back to Medieval times as you wander through the streets. Start planning your getaway today.