Maderada de Cofrentes

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Enjoy one of the most traditional celebrations in the Region of Valencia at the Maderada de Cofrentes.

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Every year in May, the people of Cofrentes, also known as “madereros”, transport wood down the Cabriel river. This age-old event recreates one of the oldest traditions in the municipality.

The Maderada is held as part of Cofrentes May Fair, which features other activities and events such as sports, food and cultural competitions aimed at keeping the popular folklore of the town alive. The Maderada was created to honour the ancestors of Cofrentes and has over time become one of the most popular festivals in the county.

The May Fair in Cofrentes is celebrated in honour of San José Obrero. Many traditional, religious and cultural events take place during the fair, involving all locals and thrilling everyone who visits for the first time.

*Please confirm event times and dates have not changed.