Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
Cortes de Pallás
what to do in cortes de pallas


“A world apart” reads the sign that welcomes you to Cortes de Pallás; and it’s not wrong. This enchanting village in inland province of Valencia has a number of fascinating tourist sights, viewing points that will leave you speechless and gastronomy that will seduce even the most demanding palates. 

What to do in Cortes de Pallás

Though it may be small (just 800 people live here), Cortes de Pallás has a lot to show you. So forget about time and start your exploration in the village itself, wandering the narrow and sometimes steep streets - as they tended to be in Medieval times - and coming across points of interest. Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles church and Palacio del Barón Cortes are both bursting with history and certainly worth a visit. 

After exploring the village, you can enter the incredible natural world that envelops Cortes de Pallás. Here you will find a beautiful reservoir where you can have fun trying out different water sports and the Júcar river which you can discover on a wonderful boat ride

But if you prefer to feel the ground beneath your feet, don’t worry, there’s plenty for you to do too. There are all sorts of hiking routes in and around Cortes de Pallás, including one that takes you up to Castillo de Chirel to marvel at impressive views of the reservoir. 

And to complete your day, you really have to visit Cueva Hermosa, a beautiful grotto that is filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The perfect place to visit if you love an adventure. 

Cortes de Pallás is an incredible place filled with historic streets and impressive landscapes that absolutely everyone ends up falling in love with. 


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