Run away from the city and immerse yourself in a haven swept up in a landscape of rice fields. El Palmar is a small fishing town where you can experience the most Valencian of traditions.

El Palmar is a small fishing town that rises out of a landscape that for Valencians is a little slice of paradise. L'Albufera natural park will soon win your heart with experiences such as sunset boat rides, explorations of the rice fields and the most traditional lunches. A magical place that distills the essence of Valencia. 

What to do in El Palmar

Wherever you go in El Palmar, you will discover great gastronomic and cultural treasures. A great place to start is at the town’s barracas, traditional houses that are made from wattle and daub. In an instant, you will be transported back to the 19th century. 

Continue your exploration aboard traditional boats and enjoy floating past the rice fields, spotting a diverse array of birdlife along the way. El Palmar is the perfect destination if you want to do some birdwatching. 

The fishermen have got thousands of stories to tell about their land. One of the most wonderful experiences in El Palmar is best kept until after lunch: watching the sunset from the jetty. Get your camera out to capture the most beautiful pictures as a souvenir of this special moment. 

And now it’s time to get down to the cuisine. El Palmar is home to the paella, the most quintessentially Valencian of all dishes in the region. That said, El Palmar also serves up many more traditional recipes. All i pebre, for example, which is a stew made with eel and potato. There is also espardenyà, a largely unknown dish that is similar to all i pebre but that is 100 years old. And that is just the start. There are plenty more gastronomic treats for you to savour in El Palmar, making it heaven for foodies and culture lovers. 

The town and its landscapes will inspire keen photographers. From the colourful sunsets to the rice fields that extend for as far as the eye can see to the Valencian traditions and customs, there are plenty of beautiful scenes for you to capture on camera. And it’s not just us who think so. El Palmar has attracted the attention of film directors and its scenery has been featured on a number of series and films. Wander around and see if you can spot the points that you’ve seen on screen. 

And last but by no means least, during your time in El Palmar you can discover traditions that are still very much alive and the most traditional yet little known dishes. After all, that’s what travelling is all about. So make your way to the town which sits just a couple of kilometres south of València to discover what it’s all about. 



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