Nature, history and gastronomy come together in Enguera to create a magical destination that promises a wonderful day out.

The Region of Valencia is defined by unique landscapes, rich nature and vibrant life. Picture postcard towns and villages that you thought only existed in fairy tales are very much real here. So make your reverie a reality across the region, and in particular in the enchanting town of Enguera

Impressive gorges, Mediterranean woods and rolling hills surround Enguera, the capital of  Canal de Navarrés county. During your time in the town you can walk hiking trails that will lead you into the depths of nature, gaze at elegant townhouses and travel back in time through the vestiges left by the civilisations that once lived here. To get the most out of Enguera, just throw yourself into everything it has to offer. 

What to do in Enguera

Enguera’s past is tangible wherever you look. To find out more about the town’s history, you can visit two museums. The first is Enguera’s Archaeological Museum where you can see the prehistoric remains found at the archaeological site at sierra de Enguera. The museum will take you on a journey through the Cretaceous to the Bronze Age and the Iberian period, showcasing the town’s rich history. If, instead, you want to immerse yourself in local culture, you can visit Enguera’s Ethnological Museum to discover the town’s essence, magic and splendour. 

And Enguera’s past extends beyond the museums. Wander down winding streets, discover elegant manor houses in the mountains, visit beautiful San Miguel Arcángel Archpriestal Church, marvel at Carmelitas Descalzos Convent and find yourself falling in love with everything you come across in the town. But that’s not everything you can visit here. Make sure you visit the Castle, a Site of Cultural Interest, which sits atop a hill that affords spectacular views. Among its remains have been found treasures including fragments of ceramics dating from the 9th century. This is a place with a lot of history to tell. 

The natural landscape is another of Enguera’s draws. Nothing short of a treat for the senses, sierra de Enguera will surround you in infinite shades of green where you will breathe in the fresh air and hear, and perhaps even see, the wildlife. Carrasca-Gatillo gorge is one of the most beautiful parts of this mountainscape which you can discover on Ruta del agua which has plenty of sources, springs and vistas that will take your breath away. 

And then, of course, there is tradition. Local customs come alive on the first week of September for San Gil Festival. Shining the spotlight on the youngest inhabitants of the town, the festival comprises a procession to the church. Local children carry ‘sangiles’, figures and crosses made from fennel, to the church to receive their blessing. The festival is held at the same time as the shopping and crafts fair. 

And the cherry on the cake of your trip to Enguera is - just like in any destination in the Region of Valencia - the delicious local gastronomy. Treat your palate to olive oil made by Cooperativa del Campo, honey, wine and tasty bowls of gazpacho. You’re going to absolutely love it. 

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