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If you’re wondering what to do during your time in Massamagrell, you’re in the right place. Discover everything to see in the town and landscapes and which local specialties to treat your palate to.

Massamagrell is located just a stone’s throw from València city in Horta Nord county. The small town sits amid the local agricultural land, known as the huerta, and the sparkling seas of the Mediterranean, making it a wonderful place to spend some time and discover what this part of the Region of Valencia is all about. 

What to see in Massamagrell

The best way to explore Massamagrell is on foot or by bike. The town has all the services you could possibly need and the most historic part of the destination emanates the charm that characterises all the towns and villages in València’s northern huerta

As you wander around, before too long you will come across San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista parish church. And if you venture a little further afield, you can see Convento Capuchino de Santa María Magdalena and Convento de las Terciarias Capuchinas. 

If you fancy getting active during your time in Massamagrell, you could always walk or cycle the Vía Xurra. This trail will take you through the characteristically flat huerta where you will see field after field of crops fed by the distinctive irrigation canals known as acequias. If you are keen to see even more of the local landscapes, you could make your way to the wetland, which is close to Massamagrell beach. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’re sure to see some interesting birdlife here. 

Massamagrell has a lovely sandy beach swept up in the wetland scenery where you will feel yourself sink into a state of relaxation. Here you can laze for hours in the warm sun, taking dips in the Mediterranean to freshen up. As the beach always leaves you hungry, afterwards you could sit down to enjoy a traditional rice dish, such as arroz amb fesols i naps or buy some traditional pastelitos de boniato or rosquilletas con llavoretes from a local bakery. 

Massamagrell also celebrates a number of festivals. For San Antonio, the streets are filled with the tasty smells of stews cooked in great pots while for Fiestas de la Virgen del Rosario the locals take to the streets in a vibrant party. Try to coincide your visit with these dates to see Massamagrell at its liveliest.



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