This is a destination where beautiful landscapes and age-old history pair with a great winemaking tradition. There’s a whole lot to love in Mogente.

Located in La Costera county in the province of Valencia, Mogente is not only an archaeological hotspot in the Region of Valencia, it’s also a winemaking region. Come and discover just how the civilisations of the past used the landscapes here. 

What to see in Mogente

There’s no shortage of things to see in Mogente. We’d recommend starting your explorations at Museo Arqueológico, the archaeological museum, which is also home to the tourist information centre. The museum is divided into four periods, namely prehistory, the Iberian period, the Roman world and Medieval times. As you wander around, looking at the displays, you will get a sense of what to expect in the archaeological sites located around the town. 

Preparation done, you’re ready to go and visit Bastida de les Alcusses, an Iberian settlement dating from the 4th century BC where incredible pieces such as the famous Guerrer de Moixent (known as the Warrior of Moixent in English) was found. Another incredible site is Torre de Colom, a watchtower that used to be part of the castle. And then there is Corral de Saus, a necropolis. 

Beyond its weight in the archaeological world, Mogente boasts spectacular scenery. At El Bosquet, an artificial lake, you can take refreshing dips and enjoy breathing in the beautiful views. Close to the lake, you can take a look at a UNESCO cave art site that is in excellent condition as well as an old ice house, Casa de la Bassa.

Now you’ve worked up an appetite, make sure you try some delicious local cuisine. Mogente is famed for gazpacho moixentí, gachamiga and olive oil. For dessert, you can try moixentins, sequillos and monas fritas. The undisputed highlight of the local gastronomy, nevertheless, are the wines made in local wineries that fuse traditional know-how with modern-day techniques.

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The Region of Valencia has been inhabited for thousands of years. Proof of this is the population vestiges found in the last decades and that show how the life of the first known inhabitants of the region in the Paleolithic era and later. Skeletons, paintings found in caves, stone walls, and some remains show us the life and customs of past inhabitants.

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