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Come and explore a beautiful part of inland province of Valencia where you can breathe in unexpected landscapes and get up to all sorts of activities. Put the destination on your to-visit list.

Located in inland province of Valencia, Quesa is a municipality embraced by agricultural land where water and time have come together to shape areas of natural beauty. Charcos de Quesa - an incredible collection of natural pools - is the most well-known, though there are many more. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know ahead of your trip. 

What to do in Quesa

During your time in Quesa, you can take walks in the midst of agricultural land and irrigation channels, making your way to the centre to see the municipal wash house and the irrigation pond. You will love strolling around the narrow streets, gazing at the typical façades of the houses where traditional trades used to take place. Make sure you don’t miss San Antonio Abad church, an 18th-century place of worship with a lovely Baroque altar

Just outside Quesa you can explore the ruins of Muslim Quesa Castle, which is thought to date back to the 11th century. You can also set off in search of viewing points, such as that of Ermita de la Cruz. You’ll love the photos that you will take from here. 

Quesa is also a great place to enjoy scenery defined by irrigation channels and terraces, particularly in the area known as Huerta del Lugar. And it goes without saying that you have to visit Charcos de Quesa, an area of natural beauty. 

Just a few kilometres from the centre, this beauty spot has a total of four small pools or charcos, named Charco de la Horteta, Charco de las Fuentes, Charco de la Bañera and Charco del Chorro. They’re a great place to have a swim in the transparent waters falling down from pretty waterfalls. Just imagine the photographs you’ll be able to take. Once you’re here, it won’t be difficult to soak up some culture by visiting the cave art at Voro Rock Shelter.

Quesa is also home to a lovely via ferrata and birding spots that are accessible to people with disabilities. These areas have toilets, a recreational area and playgrounds. Quesa truly offers everything you could possibly want from a getaway.

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