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The first bridge that was once crossed when arriving at the Kingdom of Valencia from the Kingdom of Castilla by the Camino Real, considered one of the most important civil treasures of the Villa. The Royal and Concegil de Siete Aguas bridge was built in 1782 by Manuel García de Torrent and under the supervision of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos de Valencia. It is a stone bridge with a single eye that spans a considerable height above the bed of the Suc River. Its factory is made of masonry with various later additions for its reinforcement: arch reinforced with tova brick type opus reticulata, upper finish or ashlar parapet and plastered basements. It has an interesting work of carving on the crowning of the parapet, and is topped with stone balls and pylons (similar to the parapets of the Turia in Valencia) and above all, the stone inscription narrating its construction in the time of Carlos III.