Discover the history of Tuéjar's Town Walls, a Site of Cultural Interest comprising the remains of the destination’s old town walls.

Recinto Amurallado de Tuéjar, Tuéjar's Town Walls comprises what remains of the destination’s old town walls. It was listed a Site of Cultural Interest in the 28 November 2005 due to its historic and heritage importance. The walls date back to the year 1370, when the Moorish inhabitants of the town were expelled outside them, leaving only the Christian population inside.

Sitting on the foot of the hill which houses Tuéjar Castle, the remains of the walls intersect with the buildings in the village, which poses a challenge in terms of conservation when renovation work is required. Two of the town gates are still standing, namely the one on calle Calvario and Los Santos Gate. The latter, which is a very old structure in the shape of an arch, has ceramic altarpieces on each side: one is of San José while the other is of San Roque. A vaulted turret, which was used as a cistern, has also been discovered inside the walls, alongside the remains of ashlar and buildings that appear to be fortified. A building in the site, which has two pointed arches on the ground floor, is thought to have been used as a market and the upper floor used as a municipal building, following the pattern of public buildings in medieval times in the Region of Valencia. If you’re spending some time in Tuéjar, make sure you take the time to explore its walls as well as all the other tourist attractions it has on offer. Don’t miss it.