Vallada awaits you, welcoming you with the aroma of baked rice, among landscapes dotted with ancient hermitages, where you can explore beautiful trails. Come and visit it!

Vallada, in the comarca of La Costera in the province of  Valencia, is a place to go to if you like walking routes, traditional cuisine and landscape overflowing with beauty. Discover furthermore an incredible historic town centre!

What to see in Vallada

Vallada’s town centre has plenty of attractions to visit, such as the Casa de la Por, which today houses the Casa de la Cultura, the Plaza Mayor or Main Square and the Casa Abadía. It also has, a little further out from the town, a castle or fortress of Muslim origin, which appears in records as far back as the 13th-14th century. We suggest a route to explore this monument’s ruins!

In Vallada you can visit a fascinating Archaeological Museum, which has remains from the Palaeolithic, Eneolithic or Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman populations, Furthermore, it has pieces from the mediaeval period, both Islamic and Christian. Vallada has several archaeological sites that have nourished this museum, such as the Mosseguellos, Cavall and Cova Santa caves, as well as the Horts cave and Vallada Castle itself. Amphorae, millstones, bronze coins, flint arrows ... the list of surprising objects is truly impressive!

As for active tourism possibilities, we recommend hiking, mountain biking and even climbing and caving in places as fascinating as the Tunel dels Sumidors, the area around the river Cañoles, or the Hermitages.

Lastly, you cannot leave Vallada without trying its delicious cuisine, where great rice dishes are prepared, such as caldoso with beans and turnips, the spectacular baked rice and other hearty dishes such as the rabbit and chicken pan, gazpacho with aromatic herbs or our delicious coca (pizza bread) with a touch of tomato. Bookmark this fantastic destination and plan a getaway to discover it!


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