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The Racó de Sant Bonaventura is one of the favourite spots for hikers in the Alcoi area. The River Polop and the riverbank plant life come together to create a unique area which was designated a Natural Municipal Beauty Spot in 2002.

Located between the Natural Parks of Font Roja and Serra de Mariola, the area is easily reached through the Passeig de Cervantes and then taking the Molí de la Mesquita you cross the river and you arrive at the Font del Quinzet (leisure area). The route continues along a track that runs near the course of the river, passes under the Set Llunes’s Bridge and, a little higher up, comes to the Racó de Sant Bonaventura, with old flour mills that used hydraulic power to turn their grinding stones.

Upstream, among the rocks, the irregular course of the Polop floods the banks in Els Canalons and falls down into El Racó.