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Step inside one of Alcoy’s most important landmarks, located in the heart of the old town. You’ll fall in love with this unique, fairytale place.

Iglesia Parroquial de San Mauro y San Francisco, San Mauro y San Francisco Parish Church, is one of the classic landmarks in Alcoy that you cannot miss during your trip to Alicante. Originally a Baroque-style temple, this church was rebuilt in the 1940s having been destroyed during the Civil War.

San Mauro y San Francisco Parish Church is home to an interesting collection of religious artworks that are definitely worth checking out. As well as paintings by local artist Francisco Laporta, you’ll also come across historic objects that have been used in liturgies.

The church stands right next to La Glorieta Park, a former allotment that was turned into a public garden. Go on a cultural tour around the fascinating town of Alcoy and discover historic gems such as its Art Nouveau buildings and the old walled town.