In Callosa de Segura discover all the heritage that history has deposited in a natural setting with very special charm. Start planning a getaway in cultural and active tourism!


Callosa de Segura is a town in Alicante where Easter Week and the Passion Play become spectacles of incredible beauty and tradition. It's a great idea to take advantage of these dates for getting to know the town centre and its environs! Let us tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit.

Callosa de Segura: What to See

La Cueva Ahumada in the Municipal Natural Park "La Pilarica-Sierra de Callosa" is one of the places not to be missed in Callosa de Segura. Enjoy the imposing presence of a limestone mass that rises out of the plain where it is located to create a sublime landscape. 

From this vantage point you can explore various climbing routes and other active tourism activities such as hiking. On the mountain range’s southeastern slopes you can also tackle a via ferrata.

In the old town of Callosa de Segura you have loads to visit: the Sanctuary of San Roque, Los Dolores and El Pilar hermitages, the Franciscan chapel, Easter Week Museum, Hemp Museum and Archaeological Museum. Rising above it all, the old Callosa Castle, built in 961, dominates the horizon from the top of the Segura Range. 

Another building not to be missed is the Real Pósito, a building of Roman origin but of mediaeval foundation which was used to store grain and farming implements and which still conserves its foundation stone. 

Stroll through the old town and be amazed by the charm of its narrow cobbled streets, which still follow their mediaeval layout. Find the ancient church of San Martín and imagine how this was once the site of a mosque - numerous burial sites from that period have been found!

Furthermore, in Callosa de Segura you can also enjoy events such as "Partir la Vieja", "Cruces de Mayo", August’s patron saint festivities or the performance of "Porta Celi: The Gate of Heaven" in November. And don't leave town without trying local delicacies like arroz con costra (rice cooked with a crust), bacalao meneao (cod puree), gachas con arrope or their delicious pumpkin cakes with honey!

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