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The Holy Week of Callosa de Segura is much more than a series of parades, effigies and brotherhoods; much more than a social phenomenon in which thousands of people participate; it is the largest manifestation of popular religiosity in this city. All sort of factors are combined here: art, history, culture, anthropology, music, etc. which have no reason to be without the celebration of the mysteries of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All these aspects revolve around the brotherhoods, associations of believers that, despite them being similar among them, each has its own origins and responds to a distinct personality. The elements described above, together with the quality and quantity of processional materials that have accumulated over the years, make the celebration in the streets of the Holy Week of Callosa de Segura a setting of lush art, full of colour and majesty, which we can enjoy. Among the many different, unique ways to manifest the faith and religious tradition of a city, Callosa de Segura has a privileged place, because it has maintained its ancient rites, some of them hundreds of years old, while it has driven extraordinary growth and enrichment both in the number of brotherhoods and processions, and in the acquisition of images, banners, thrones, jewellery, etc. turning the Holy Week of Callosa into a true landmark within and outside the Valencia Region.

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