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They take place from 14 to 17 August. On the first morning, there is a drawing contest for children. In the evening, the Presentation of the Queen and the Proclamation of the festivities take place. Next, the patron saint is moved in procession from the Orduña house to the church. After the procession, the Town Council invites neighbors and friends of Castell de Guadalest to an appetizer and the night ends with an open-air ball. On the second morning there is an offering of flowers to the Virgin of the Assumption and a parade with the music band. In the evening, cultural activities that culminate with the start of the open-air ball are held. On the third morning there is a parade and mass and, in the evening, children can enjoy the children's attractions. In the evening, an open-air ball takes place. On the fourth morning, a parade and Mass is celebrated. In the evening, the main event is the procession in which the patron saint is carried around the village to the Orduña House. At night, the festival ends with an open-air ball and fireworks.

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