Ruta de las Palmeras Singulares

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What better way to explore UNESCO World Heritage Site El Palmeral de Elche than taking a tour of the most unique specimens in the palm forest?

Ruta de Palmeras Singulares is a walk that will take you on an exploration of some of the most unique and historic palm trees in El Palmeral de Elche, a World Heritage Site.

On the tour, you will see palms with unique and unexpected shapes, specimens that are mind-bogglingly old and trees whose exceptional beauty will take you aback. Among the nineteen palms featured on the tour is a tree whose unusual branch composition makes its look like a candelabra – a tree which captured the attention of Empress Elizabeth of Austria in the year 1894 – and a palm whose trunk has grown almost entirely horizontal.

And that’s not all. You will discover a palm with a unique spiral-shaped trunk and a tree which, despite the fact it has a big hole in its trunk, is still in excellent health. With each tree you see, you will find yourself reaching for your camera to capture these most unique palms on film.

Once you’ve completed Ruta de Palmeras Singulares, you could take a wander around Elche or visit all the archaeological and historic objects at Museo Arqueológico y de Historia.

You also won’t want to miss trying the town’s famous dates and some delicious local dishes such as arroz con costra (a rice dish with a crusty top) and puchero de pelotas (a meatball stew). So what are you waiting for? Put Ruta de Palmeras Singulares on your to-visit list and make the most of your time in Elche.

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