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"Covered in flour and to the sound of the Xaramita (A Spanish reed instrument of the oboe family)"... December arrives and the fiestas return; the well-known Festes d'Hivern, one of the most peculiar fiestas to be held in the whole of Spain. These are cold days and to warm up the atmosphere a bit, good cheer and fun take control of the city impregnating everyone with tradition. The Festes d'Hivern enjoy the participation of groups of married and single people reproducing the typical dances of the city, and the so-called 'tapats' (The Hidden/Covered), who are disguised so as to be unrecognisable, who come out onto the street to dance together with everyone else. There are also banns the ironic subject matter of which about the people of Ibi means that their journey round the city is followed by a multitude and, of course, 'els enfarinats' (The Floured), characters who take control of the city for one day (28th December) and who cover everyone who crosses their path with flour. These are really amusing fiestas.

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