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When September arrives Ibi holds its breath to give way to the roar of the harquebuses, to the colour of the parades, to the smell of gunpowder and to the sound of music. These are the Moors and Christians fiestas in honour of the patron saint of the Villa, the Virgen de los Desamparados (Holy Virgin). A few days in which all differences disappear and everyone lives the fiestas with the same intensity. Every act of these fiestas makes the magic of the past be reborn in the present and the people of Ibi make sure of a special spectacle with the Noche de la Olleta (a traditional supper evening), the entrance of the two sides, the embassies, the floral offering to the Patron Saint, the procession, the Moor traitor act, the children's entrance... and many other acts with which they will demonstrate the pleasant coexistence between the Moors and the Christians and where visitors will enjoy, without a doubt, some dazzling fiestas. If you don't have the possibility of coinciding with the month of September then we recommend a visit to the Fiesta Museum.
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Las fiestas se celebran nueve días después del primer miércoles de septiembre, el llamado Novenario

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