L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
L'Alfàs del Pi
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The Mediterranean blesses this small and sun-kissed stretch of the Alicante coastline. Come and discover everything there is to enjoy in L’Alfàs del Pi.

Located in La Marina Baixa in the province of Alicante, L’Alfàs del Pi is sure to be a hit among beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts as well as anyone keen to wander the streets of a destination that breathes the Mediterranean. Discover everything you can get up to here and start planning your getaway. 

What to do in L’Alfàs del Pi

In L’Alfàs del Pi you’ll find sun-kissed streets with a lively atmosphere that are a joy to stroll around. On your wanderings, we’d recommend stopping off at San José Parish Church, which dates back to the 18th century. Next, you can make your way to Escoles Velles Cultural Centre where you are sure to find an interesting exhibition to look around

Venture a little further outside the centre of L’Alfàs del Pi and you will find Mànec Mill, an old mill that has been converted into an Information Centre where you can learn about the importance of the hydraulic infrastructure for the agricultural industry. Another interesting place to visit is Delso Museum where you can learn about the work and life of painter and sculptor Pedro Delso Rupérez.

When you head to the coast, make sure you visit Bombarda Tower, a fantastic defence tower overlooking the sea, as well as L’Albir Roman Villa and the outdoor museum that reveals its secrets. This is just a stone’s throw from Racó de L’Albir beach

Set off in search of nature in L’Alfàs del Pi and you’ll find beautiful Serra Gelada Natural Park, where you can take a walk to a lighthouse with spectacular views. 

El Albir Lighthouse Trail is wheelchair and pushchair accessible. The vistas over the coves and an old copper mine are so beautiful that they don’t seem to belong to this world. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes as well as your water shoes if you want to explore the coves up close. 

Last but by no means least, L’Alfàs del Pi hosts an annual film festival as well as countless cultural activities related to music and theatre. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning a getaway in which you’re sure to have a whole lot of fun.



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Looking for the perfect trail for a family walk? This is it. El Albir Lighthouse Trail will blow you away with its spectacular views.

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