Muro de Alcoy
Muro de Alcoy
Muro de Alcoy
Muro de Alcoy
Muro de Alcoy


From historic sites and beautiful landscapes through to delicious gastronomy, Muro de Alcoy is a wonderful little town to visit close to the Sierra de Mariola mountainscape.

Muro de Alcoy has got plenty to see and do all year round. Whether you enjoy hiking through the wilderness or gently strolling down pretty streets, this small town is bursting with history, sights and gastronomy that are waiting to be explored. Discover all the must-sees below. 

What to see in Muro de Alcoy

A good place to start your exploration of Muro de Alcoy is at Plaza del Palacio de la Señoría where you can see Casa Palacio, a beautiful Renaissance building. Once you’ve gazed at its façade, continue wandering to see a number of places of worship, namely San Antonio chapel, Madre de Dios de los Desamparados chapel and San Juan Bautista church. And then make sure you take a look at El Fumeral, a large chimney that in times past was part of the old olive pomace factory. 

As you explore the town, you will soon notice that there are a great number of devotional tiles on the walls. Started in the 18th century, this tradition continued well into the 20th century. The ceramics depict the saints and professions that give the streets their names and some of them are very old indeed. 

Muro de Alcoy sits in the midst of centenarian olive trees, almond groves and springs, such as Fontanelletes. This pretty picture is framed by Sierra de Mariola, a mountainscape that is criss-crossed with routes that lead you deeper and deeper into the wilderness where you can see a wide range of plants and animals. 

On your hikes, it is well worth stopping off at Cova de Beneito, an archaeological site where prehistoric remains have been found. Other places to consider walking to are Penya del Frare, a rocky cliff of monumental proportions, and Font del Baladre, a pretty pool. 

Upon your return to the town, you will probably be looking for something delicious to eat. And you’re in luck: Muro de Alcoy has plenty of tasty dishes to delve into. Make sure you try arroz al horno (oven baked rice), bajoques farcides (stuffed peppers), trigo picado, ollas de músico (both stews) and Renyos de Masero, a local dish comprising tomatoes stuffed with a mix of parsley, garlic and olive oil. 

And to conclude our exploration of Muro de Alcoy, we simply have to mention the many festivals held throughout the year in the town. For instance, there is Moros y Cristianos, which is held in May, Corpus Christi, which fills the streets with tradition, music and dance, Fireta de Sant Antoni in January, Holy Week, Feria Gastronómica de productos típicos y artesanales and the vibrant carnival celebrations. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience everything Muro de Alcoy has to offer all year round.

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