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Sitting atop a hill in Tibi is a castle that has borne witness to an impressive history. Come for a visit to be immersed in the destination’s medieval past and breathe in the panoramic views.

Castillo de Tibi, Tibi Castle, which is also known as Atalaya Castle, sits majestically atop a hill in Tibi in the province of Alicante. The fortress dates back to the Muslim period, specifically the 10th century, when it was built as a crucial link in the area’s chain of castles. Following the Conquest, it changed hands, being passed on to the Crown of Aragon and later to a number of noble families. The impressive castle you can see today is an amalgamation of the extensions and transformations the structure has undergone over the centuries. At its heart, there is a rectangular tower and secondary structures, which serve as custodians of the past.

The curtain walls that once encircled the hill are silent witnesses of tumultuous times. Though time has taken its toll, Tibi Castle has been restored and conserved so that visitors can enjoy taking a look around. A symbol of Tibi’s heritage, this attraction affords spectacular panoramic views over the surroundings, including over the beautiful Carrasqueta mountain, the peaceful waters of Tibi Reservoir and the picturesque steep streets of the centre. This tangible conduit with the past turns Tibi Castle into a magnet for history buffs, archaeology enthusiasts and lovers of cultural tourism. A visit to the castle is paramount to a journey back in time, offering you an insight into the area’s rich past that continues to amaze visitors with its magnificence and every stone's ability to speak whispers from the past.