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Discover a huge structure with a long history behind it in Tibi. An impressive sight to see at the end of your hiking route.

Pantano de Tibi, Tibi Reservoir, is one of the oldest dams in Europe and a must-visit during your getaway to Tibi. The reservoir makes an excellent destination for an excursion full of impressive views.

Since the year 1594, Tibi Reservoir has been accumulating water to irrigate the Alicante agricultural land. During your visit, you will be transported back in time and blown away by its spectacular beauty: don't forget your camera. The reservoir is easy to get to. From Tibi, you can either hop in your car and drive there in about 20 minutes or, alternatively, walk a lovely trail that will take you two to three hours. If you enjoy walking through the countryside, the latter is a great idea.

Close to Tibi Reservoir you will see an old house (used by the person who used to take care of the dam) and a small place of worship. From here, there is a large network of irrigation channels that carry the precious water to its final destination.

We recommend visiting Tibi to take a hiking route with wonderful views that all the family will love. And when you've finished, you can enjoy something delicious to eat in Tibi. Put this plan in your diary now.