Sitting on the mouth of the river Mijares, Almassora speaks of history and age-old traditions. Discover everything the town has to offer.

Fusing the countryside, coastline, traditions and history, Almassora is a great place to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Shall we take a look around the town?

What to see in Almassora

Located in Plana Alta, Almassora is full of places to explore, experiences to live and food to taste. The best place to start your exploration of Almassora is in the historic centre. The town was founded by the Christians in the 13th century and you can still see the remains of the defensive walls that date from the 17th to 18th centuries today.  

The next place to see is Plaza Mayor with its Medieval arches, followed by 15th century Casa de l’Oficialat and La Natividad, a Baroque parish church. You also won’t want to miss Museo Parroquial (the parish museum), Museo del Juguete (the toy museum), Museo del Torrelló and Museo Municipal de Almassora, the municipal museum that houses collections of remains found at El Torrelló, amphoras and other items from shipwrecks.

The ruins of Castillo de Almassora, the town castle, are well worth a visit as is Santa Quiteria bridge with its one-of-a-kind Gothic structure. 

And now it’s time to head to the beach. If you’re looking for a place offering all the services you could possibly need, La Torre and Benafeli beaches are tranquil spots where you can enjoy the Mediterranean. Not far from the coast is a unique landscape where you can see different bird species frolicking in the wetlands: the mouth of the river Mijares

If you love local festivals, try to coincide your trip to Almassora with the festivities celebrating Holy Week and San Antonio Abad. And whatever the time of year you’re visiting, make sure you bring home cheese, honey, spirits and oranges with you. Start planning your trip to this beautiful part of Castellón today. 

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