Estanys Almenara
Castillo Almenara


To travel, experience, feel and look to the past are some of the best ways to spend our time. Our minds and souls are enriched by discovering unique places, experiencing traditions dating back centuries and meeting people from around the world. The Region of Valencia is one such place where you can live the joys of both the coastline and the mountains. And Almenara, in the province of Castellón, is an exceptional distillation of this.  

What to do in Almenara 

Almenara is known and loved for its varied and unique landscapes, ranging from the mountains and marshlands to the lakes and beaches stretching along the Mediterranean coastline. Hiking in Almenara is therefore an extraordinary experience. Don’t miss out on the many hiking trails, including La Rodana, Montaña Blanca and Punt del Cid routes. 

Nature here emanates beauty and history, and there’s no better place to soak it up than in Els Estanys. This stunning natural wonderland is defined by its three lakes, which was a wetland for years, and today contains one of the most valuable ecosystems in the Region of Valencia. 

Almenara’s origins date back to its castle, one of the most important monuments in the town. From the heights of the fortress, you can also discover its lookout towers, commonly known as L'Agüelet and L'Agüeleta, as well as an incredible viewing point that affords panoramic views over the town and the stunning local landscapes.   

After wandering through Almenara’s quaint streets and tasting some of the local cuisine, you can also immerse yourself in the sounds and smells of the Mediterranean Sea. Casablanca beach is a beautiful part of the coastline famed for its pristine waters and ample services. Come to Almenara to relax, laze in the waters and live the Mediterranean from all perspectives


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