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The best place to start your exploration of Almenara is its castle which affords spectacular views from its hilltop position.

Castillo de Almenara is a Moorish fortress that was built on Roman ruins in the 10th century. The castle perches atop a hill that is 175m above sea level, affording views over the town and the surrounding scenery.

Almenara castle is defined by two towers known as L'Agüelet and L'Agüeleta. The former is more historic, a tower made of stonework that residents used a ladder to climb up. L'Agüeleta is located to the east. It is a newer construction that was restored in the 19th century to be used for heliograph communication for the Sagunto railway.

The fortress was intended for defence purposes with the site extending for some 120m along the hilltop. The castle originally had three distinct enceintes: the highest part of the fortress which contained the main castle; and the albacara which was home to the old mosque and cistern, of which some ruins remain.

If you’re keen to walk up to the castle, pull on some walking shoes and make your way to the intersection of Calle Castellón and Calle Moncofa. Here you will see an ascending trail that will take you on a 4km circular route up to the castle that will take you no more than two hours to complete.

When travelling from the province of Valencia, Almenara is the first town that you will encounter once you cross the border into the province of Castellón. Castelló de la Plana is just a 33-minute drive away, making it the ideal place for an escape.