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Take a walk and spot the wildlife at the three lakes comprising Els Estanys in Almenara.

Els Estanys is a plant micro-reserve located in the Almenara wetlands, a protected landscape. The beautiful area comprises three freshwater lakes that attract a diverse selection of wildlife.

The water feeding the Els Estanys lakes originates from the Sierra de Espadán mountainscape. Springs create a subterranean course that carries the transparent waters up to the surface to create this collection of lakes. Specifically, the water comes from a small mountain, Penya de l'Estany, which we recommend climbing so you can enjoy the incredible views over the local scenery. As if the views weren’t enough of a draw, archaeological remains have also been found here, indicating that the area was inhabited many centuries ago. There are information panels where you can find out everything there is to know about the site.

Els Estanys is a wonderful place to go birding and enjoy the diverse plant life. But it’s not the only attraction you can enjoy in Almenara. Just a stone’s throw from València city, the town boasts beautiful beaches, spectacular hiking routes and fascinating heritage. Then there’s the castle with its watchtowers and the viewing point where you can get an idea of everything there is to see in Plana Baixa. Come for a visit and enjoy a wide range of experiences, including an exploration of Els Estanys.

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