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Come and explore a charming municipality sitting in scenery that will keep lovers of nature and trails busy for hours. Discover Barracas and start planning your next getaway. 

Located in El Alto Palancia in the province of Castellón, Barracas is a great destination if you enjoy beautiful trails, a peaceful atmosphere and fascinating history. The village is also dotted with places of interest that will have you reaching for your camera. Fancy coming with us to explore all the different types of tourist experiences that you can enjoy here?

What to do in Barracas

Nestled between two mountains, Barracas has a long past that can be seen in the Roman and Iberian remains. The village is situated on the old Camino Real de Aragón, marking the gateway to the Region of Valencia. It also sits on the historic Holy Grail Route. A good place to start your explorations is in the centre where you can visit the 16th century Gothic church. Nearby, you will find an old fountain with an unusual sculpture of a pheasant.

You will find streets lined with houses that are centuries old as well as a washhouse, which has been restored, located next to San Pedro Fountain. Washhouses are charming places, and Barracas has one more for you to discover. If you make your way to the outskirts of the centre, you will come across a washhouse and a recreational area sitting next to what is known as San Pedro Pond, which is fed by a natural water source where you can enjoy the abundant wildlife. 

You won’t want to miss San Roque Chapel, which sits on the outskirts of the village, and make sure you wear comfortable shoes so you can explore one of the best adapted sections of Ojos Negros Greenway. A lovely recreational area has been set up at the former El Palancar train station where you can cook over an open flame, take a stroll and then relax afterwards.

Barracas is also an excellent sports tourism destination as trail races are usually held in the nearby scenery on a yearly basis. A great excuse for a visit, together with the local gastronomy. Make sure you try migas de pastor, gachas, arroz de olla, rustido de morcilla, arroz con bacalao as well as the aromatic truffles. If you like getting up early to go mushrooming, Barracas is one for your to-visit list.


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Travel back in time as you walk the Route of the Holy Grail and be taken aback by the monuments you will come across on your way to the famous cup.
Stretching from Alto Palancia to València city, the Route of the Holy Grail will lead you into a land of legends, beautiful landscapes, picture-postcard villages and pathways where the tread of the pilgrims of the past is palpable. Take a pilgrimage to the most important relic in Christianity.