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In Burriana, the sea, mountains and gardens combine to show off the destination’s scenic and cultural beauty. Having maintained its historical influence over the years, Burriana is still decidedly modern and avant-garde. Go here and you’ll get to interact with kind people, walk down cosy streets and feel the magic of the Mediterranean. What are you waiting for?  

What to see in Burriana

The historical complex of Burriana has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Stroll through it and you’ll see its iconic basilica of El Salvador and its bell tower (popularly known as “El Templat”). The original bell tower was destroyed during the Civil War, and in 1942, El Templat was built with the goal of becoming the highest bell tower in all of the Region of Valencia, including that of Miguelete. 

The maritime zone of Burriana is known for its prosperity and tradition. Fishermen meet in its port every day to fish for long hours, while visitors stop by to contemplate its beauty. From here, you can see both Torre del Mar and Torre de Tadeo, two towers that were built years ago to protect the city from possible attacks and still stand today.

After that, head to the mouth of Anna River, where you will find Clot de la Mare de Déu—a wetland that has become a refuge for 200+ species of birds. Nearby, you’ll find the charming hermitage the destination is named after.

We have no doubt that your trip to Burriana will be an enriching, fun experience. While you’re there, be sure to try Burriana’s delicious food and drink! Like everywhere in the Region of Valencia, plates here are made with ingredients fresh from the sea and local gardens. Trust us: you’ll want to savour every bite of Burriana. 


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