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Come and take a stroll around the most historic district in Burriana, tracing the old layout of the streets and admiring historic façades.

El Conjunto Histórico de Burriana, the Historic Centre of Burriana, a seaside destination in La Plana Baixa in the province of Castellón, is an excellent place to start your exploration of the centre. The town was once encircled by walls and towers, like the one you can still see (through railings) on Sant Pasqual street. If you focus your attention on the streets and alleys – particularly those with no through access – you’ll be able to trace the old layout of the town.

You’re going to love gazing at the houses with their traditional architecture and the great gates that were opened for carts to be stored in the yard inside, which used to give access to structures like stables.

Upstairs, the houses in the Historic Centre of Burriana used to have a space that was used for drying or storage. We’d recommend putting together a photography itinerary and visiting all of the most beautiful parts of the destination. The Historic Centre of Burriana is just one of the areas that you’ll want to visit: others include El Grao-Malvarrosa and El Arenal beaches, and the Mouth of the River Millars Protected Landscape. So how about it? Why don’t you start planning a getaway to visit all of these wonderful places?