Perched atop a mound, Cervera del Maestre affords spectacular vistas over Baix Maestrat. Come and explore everything there is to see in and around this pretty little village.

Cervera del Maestre is one of those places where the historic centre oozes charm from every corner. And though this is - doubtlessly - a huge draw, it’s just a fraction of everything you can enjoy in the municipality. 

What to see in Cervera del Maestre

Upon your arrival in the destination, the first sight that will capture your attention is Castillo de Cervera del Maestre, a Moorish fortress that in successive centuries belonged to the Knights Hospitaller and the Order of Montesa. The castle is currently in a state of ruin though the curtain wall still retains its magnificence, affording panoramic vistas over the surrounding landscapes. Legend has it that it was once home to a dragon guarding a great treasure. Perhaps you’ll be the one to find it? 

Dating to the 14th century, the old Medieval market was dedicated to the sale of wool, a key industry for the area historically. The building is currently a chapel, making it well worth poking your head into. Another point of interest is Molí de l’Oli Information Centre, an old olive mill where you can learn how locals used to transform local olives into a delicious oil. 

The beautiful scenery of Cervera del Maestre lends itself to active tourism, offering countless hiking, educational and cycling trails. You can explore El Colomer, La Rourera and Mas d'en Perelas on foot, discover veteran trees, waterways and dry stone structures and pedal along Cigronets, Barranc Fondo and La Perdiguera. Come and explore this spectacular part of inland Castellón and discover festivals that combine traditions, fire and dragons.​​​​​​​

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