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A very special vegetation, a rich historical heritage... Chóvar is a great option to plan a mountain getaway for many reasons! Do you dare to discover them?

Chóvar, in the Alto Palancia region and surrounded by the beauty of the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, is a perfect destination for those who enjoy nature and rural environments. We tell you everything you should not miss! 

What to see in Chóvar

The town centre of Chóvar, perched on a hill, still preserves the Muslim layout, especially in the upper part, and is topped with a castle, also Muslim, which we recommend you visit to enjoy the views and the turret, a very interesting defensive element. Afterwards, you can visit the 18th century church of Santa Ana.

If you leave Chóvar in the direction of the Carbón ravine, you will find a spot with tables, Las Carboneras, where you can enjoy the magnificent quality of the water in its fountain or rest and recover your strength with a picnic. It's perfect for a break during your getaway! Other places not to be missed are the Fresca and Cerezo la Vaquera springs, all of which have very good water!

From Chóvar you can set off on hiking routes through centuries-old cork oaks with many interesting destinations, such as the Ajuez Reservoir, near which there are still remains of ancient Muslim corrals or, more recently, the early 20th century ovens of the old Cinabrio Mines. Don't forget to visit the Calaricos cave, with stalactites and stalagmites, and the Iberian settlement of El Rubial.

Chóvar's festivities are another great reason to organise a getaway, with the colourful Domingo de la Rosa festival in May, or the Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía festival. Flowers are handed out to visitors and locals in both of them! Of course, there is no shortage of street parties, games for children and much more. Don’t miss them!

Don't leave without tasting its great olive oil, its sequillos and rosegones, almendrados, buns in tomato or the thistle casserole, among many other delicacies. Enjoy Chóvar with all five senses!


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