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Located in Els Ports county, Cinctorres is a charming village enveloped in the wildest and most beautiful landscapes that are just waiting to be explored. A network of hiking routes start in the village, leading you deep into La Roca Parda, an area of stunning natural beauty. Here you can breathe in spectacular views and even do some bird watching, spotting species such as griffon vultures, owls, herons and more. 

What to see in Cinctorres

We recommend you start your time in Cinctorres in the village itself, wandering the Medieval streets that will reveal the secrets of its past through the marks that history has left behind. One of the most interesting sights from this period is Torre de los Moros, a Medieval tower whose date of construction is unknown. 

Another of the essential stop-offs in Cinctorres is Sant Lluís chapel. Made from stone, this small place of worship is home to beautiful frescoes depicting music-playing angels surrounding Sant Lluís Beltrán.

The council building, known locally as “Casa de la Vila” is also worth a visit so you can marvel at the elements defining its Civil Gothic style. The old hospital, which currently houses Museo Etnográfico, is also an architecturally interesting building. 

Although if you really want to dive into the history of the village and its traditions, you simply have to visit Museu de la Faixa. This small museum pays homage to one of the most famous local figures, the faixero, whose job it was to sell sashes that were traditionally worn around the waist across Spain. 

Cinctorres will also take you much further back in time at the site where a number of dinosaur fossils were found. Here you will find replicas of the fossils alongside information panels detailing the projects and fossils discovered. The original fossils are in Museo de los Dinosaurios.

Sometimes the smallest of villages are home to the greatest of surprises. And Cinctorres is a prime example of this.

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