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Discover a festival loaded with symbolism and illuminated by the magic of fire in a charming village that will steal your heart.

Santantonà in Forcall, located in Els Ports in the province of Castellón, is one of the biggest festivals dedicated to San Antonio Abad, also known as San Antón, in the Region of Valencia. Dating back to the medival period, the festivities – which combine pagan and Christian traditions – take place on the weekend closest to the 17 January.

A huge bonfire is set up for Santantonà in Forcall, a tradition that is replicated in a number of other towns and villages.

Before scenes of the life of the saint and traditional dances are performed, a huge trunk (known as the maio) is chosen and hoisted up by the locals using ropes and pure muscle. This special moment is preceded by a lunch, to give the participants the strength they’ll need.

Afterwards, the spotlight is turned on Santantonà’s characters: you will see Sant Antoni and other Evangelical figures, El Despullat, La Filoseta, Las Botargues, Los Teeros, devils and more. Costumes, traditions and fire fill the streets of Forcall for Santantoná. Come along to get some incredible photos and dig into delicious gastronomy. So how about it? Will we see you at the next Santantonà in Forcall?

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