Relive a tradition dating back to Medieval times with the pilgrimage from Useras to San Juan de Peñagolosa.

The pilgrimage from Useras to San Juan de Peñagolosa was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016 and received the Cultural Merit from Generalitat Valenciana. Two good reasons why it is worth heading to Useras on the final Friday of April each year.

The pilgrimage harks back to a tradition from the Middle Ages. Thirteen men (the guide and twelve pilgrims), representing Jesus Christ and His disciples, are accompanied by singers, a priest, a representative from the council, key holders, a custodian, promesas and càrregues up to San Juan de Peñagolosa Sanctuary. The whole village takes part in the pilgrimage, renewing their vows following the penitential walk of the volunteers.

The pilgrims completing the walk start with a ceremony in which the meals and resting points are established for the pilgrimage. The most exciting moment is when the volunteer pilgrims arrive at San Juan de Peñagolosa Sanctuary on Saturday morning. The Mass of Forgiveness is then held and the return to Useras begins, which will take until nightfall, coinciding with the procession leading into the village.

This age-old ritual will take you back to traditions from Medieval times. A wonderful way to relive the history and culture of the village.

*Please confirm event times and dates have not changed.

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