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Visit a great religious Gothic masterpiece that will leave you lost for words as soon as you step inside.

Morella is home to some of the greatest historic heritage and religious art in the Region of Valencia. We’re talking about Santa María la Mayor Archpriest Basilica, which is a must-visit if you’re spending some time in Morella.

Construction work started on the basilica in the late 12th century, when King James I declared Morella a royal town that required a great place of worship. This place of worship is a basilica with three naves, following the Romanesque tradition. Horizontal lines predominate the vertical, and light floods through the great alabaster windows into the interior.

The façade is one of the highlights of the church. It has two entrances: the larger is known as Los Apóstoles while the smaller is called Las Vírgenes. Built in line with the Mediterranean Peninsular Gothic style, the entrances are full of sculpted details that you can easily spend hours gazing at.

As you step inside, your eyes will be drawn to the choral staircase, which spirals up between the column, the choral vault and the depiction of the Last Judgment in the retrochoir. You also won’t want to miss the Great Altar, which has a magnificent Churrigueresque altarpiece.

Take your time to admire the monumental organ which is played on special occasions, such as Festival Internacional de Música de Órgano (International Organ Music Festival), which is held yearly in Morella. And while you’re here, take a look around Museo Arciprestal, the Archpriest Museum, which displays religious-themed paintings and gold pieces. Santa María la Mayor Archpriest Basilica is a fascinating place.

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