Did you know that Castellón is the second most mountainous region in Spain? Indeed, its stunning mountainscape affording beautiful vistas over the Mediterranean is exactly what makes the province of Castellón one of the most popular destinations in the Region of Valencia. If you’re looking for a place that typifies the best of the area, look no further than Nules with its fragrant huerta and beautiful natural landscapes. 

Sitting between the azure sea and pretty orange groves, Nules is a quaint municipality located in the Plana Baixa county. Everything here breathes the spirit of the Mediterranean, creating the perfect atmosphere to slow down, relax and enjoy some well-deserved time off. 

What to do in Nules

Nules has a number of beautiful beaches that are well-known for their crystalline waters and peaceful atmosphere. Every year, L’Alcúdia, Les Marines and El Bovalar beaches are garlanded with the QUALITUR flag, in recognition of their pristine condition and high quality services. 

The mountains are also stunning in the municipality of Nules. If you like a hiking challenge, you could head up to Puntal de Nules, a peak with a sheer rock face that stands higher than the rest. And that’s not all. Just a few kilometres from Nules is Sierra de Espadán with its lovely landscapes that lend themselves to bike rides and connecting with nature. 

The municipality of Nules is also the home to a remarkable village that has a fully preserved fortified wall. Mascarell is a small, fortified village that is unlike any other in the Region of Valencia. It is currently inhabited by just 200 people and is a Site of Cultural Interest. With its charming beauty and long history, Mascarell is certainly worth a visit. 

After exploring the landscapes, culture and history living in Nules, you’ll want to try its food and drink. A wonderful meal in a local restaurant promises to be the perfect conclusion to an incredible day.


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In the town of Nules, a municipality located in the coastal area of ​​the Province of Castellón, in Spain, there is a perfect route for you to enjoy cycling with your children.
The region can boast of its three provinces with authentic medieval jewels for the traveller's enjoyment in the form of walled cities; monuments considered World Heritage Sites or indestructible fortresses. The importance the Valencian territory had during the Middle Ages has left its imprint in the form of an exalted patrimony that should be visited.
This town is the only one in the Region of Valencia that is completely walled and has not grown outside its walls. Also, it is not of particular relevance only in our Region of Valencia, but in all Spain, together with Ureña (Valladolid), are the only two towns whose urban area is surrounded by walls.
The recipe that we bring you today is typical of La Plana region, in Castellón province, although you can find Olla de la Plana throughout Comunitat Valenciana. It is a traditional dish, which will take you back to your childhood, to your grandmother's kitchen, in short to gastronomy where simplicity and quality products prevail.

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