With its historic sites, great artisanship and a vibrant festival, Onda has got plenty to explore and experience.

Onda is a destination that keeps on giving. In this post we’ll point out some of the sights you won’t want to miss, tell you about the festivals brimming with local spirit and give you some suggestions of what to eat. Keep reading to make the most of your visit to the town. 

What to see in Onda

There’s no better place to start your exploration of Onda than at its castle, known as Castillo de las 300 Torres, literally meaning the castle with 300 towers. The fortress was built in the 10th century, but it has been discovered that in the 11th century a palace was added to the structure, a real rarity. 

A number of different civilisations inhabited the castle over the centuries. Nowadays, within its walls you can visit Museo de Historia Local, the local history museum, and gaze at a valuable collection of Muslim yesería. You can also see Cueva del Algepsar, another museum that tells the story of what life was like in Onda during the Spanish Civil War. 

Next on your list of things to visit is the clock tower which you will come across as you wander through the historic centre that will you envelop you in Medieval Onda. Make sure you see Molí de la Reixa and then cross Sonella, a Medieval bridge, on your way to Museo de Ciencias Naturales, the natural science museum housed in the Carmelite convent. 

As you may already know, Onda is famed for its ceramics, a quintessentially Valencian craft that you can explore at Museo del Azulejo.

And now it’s time to focus on your palate and Onda’s gastronomy. You will want to try the town’s delicious olla (a stew-style dish), which is made with Swiss chard, cardoon, spinach, pumpkin and many other delicious ingredients. A good time to try the dish is the final week of September during the Feria de San Miguel festivities or during Semana Santa, Holy Week, when you can also indulge in mona de Pascua, a tasty cake. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and savour everything Onda has to offer.


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