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Onda has a long and interesting past that you can see and feel as you wander its historic streets and discover its impressive castle.

Located in the inland county of the Plana Baixa, Onda boasts a wealth of history and culture for you to discover.

The town’s origins date back to the Iberians, though the golden age for the town was during Moorish times. A civilisation that left a rich cultural and historic footprint that you can still see today, most obviously in the castle perching over the historic centre. Both the castle and the historic centre have been declared historic and artistic sites of cultural interest.

The historic centre is a labyrinth of narrow streets and beautiful plazas. Whichever you look, you’ll see pieces of cultural, civic, religious and military heritage. Taking you back to what the town was like in Medieval times.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, we recommend following this tour. You will start in the heart of the Medieval town in Plaza del Almudín. Known by locals as Font de Dins, this square could be reached from the main gate into the town, Portal de San Roque or La Safona. One of the gate’s Gothic arches can be seen in a façade of a nearby house.

As you follow the route through the streets that date back to Islamic times, you’ll see a number of places of worship, namely La Sangre church, La Asunción church and San Vicente Ferrer chapel. And once you’ve reached the Escaletes dels Gats you can start climbing up to the castle.

Once you’ve finished soaking up Onda’s long history and interesting culture on your walk, you can sit down in a wonderful restaurant and enjoy a well-deserved meal of traditional dishes from the Plana Baixa.